Our Leaders

List of Chapter leadership:

President – Erin Barnes

President Elect – Nancy Vaughan

Immediate Past President – Mara Hampton

Vice President Membership – Suzanna Richter

Vice President Membership Elect – Melissa Meehan

Vice President Ticktockers – Catherine Kennett

Vice President Ticktockers Elect – Cory Lang

Vice President Philanthropy – Lillian Chung

Vice President Philanthropy Elect – Allison Rabin

Vice President Patroness Activities – Annette Juptner-Gonzales

Vice President Patroness Activities Elect -Michelle Corcoran

Vice President Communications – Staci Francois

Vice President Communications Elect-Becky Scanlan

Vice President Provisionals – Staci Fults

Vice President Provisionals Elect – Lisa Neal

Vice President Ways & Means – Mary Lynn Gaddis and Suzanne Kaiser

Vice President Ways & Means Elect- Megan Macias

Recording Secretary – Francine Horton

Treasurer – Becky Chanawatr

Treasurer Elect – Elizabeth Stake

Parliamentarian – Stacy Peterson

Advisor to Juniors – Chelle Wood

Sustainer Liaison – Michelle Duarte

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