Ticktocker Thrift Shop

Thrift Shop Photo

Located at 540 West 19th Street, Costa Mesa where Patronesses and Ticktockers work to raise the majority of the funds we donate to our philanthropies.

The Thrift Shop Means so much to our members and our community:

It’s having a central place that is home for all NCL Members to meet and share information

It’s having the opportunity to get to know and form friendships with other NCL Members

It’s getting to know the Ticktockers from other classes and talking with them about their experiences to help us better understand our own daughters

It’s teaching our daughters the value of volunteering

It’s having our daughters learn first hand about those less fortunate and how lucky they are to have mothers who care so much about them

It’s seeing our unwanted items become treasures for someone else

It’s discovering that we have talents we never knew we had, to run a successful business by being Treasurers, Schedulers, Purchasers, Managers and Creative Problem Solvers!

It’s earning a profit from our efforts

It’s learning how our funds are donated to our Philanthropies

It’s understanding how much we help deserving students through our scholarships

It’s coming to the realization that the Thrift Shop is so much more than just a store. It is the soul of our NCL experience.


Thrift Shop VP Ways & Means

Mary Lynn Gaddis

and Suzanne Kaiser

They make Thrift Fun!!